More Rewards. More Benefits.

Our SELECT Program is designed to recognize loyal players and reward them with special privileges and benefits. Membership to this group is exclusive.

Become SELECT at Alhambra Casino and Shops by accruing 20,000 Tier Credits by December 31. 2020. Membership comes with an SELECT Card, immediate recognition by our Team, all ELITE benefits plus these additional benefits:

$25 Per Week Voucher at The Cove | One Free Bingo Pack per Week (currently suspended)

Quarterly $150 Comp at Windows | Invitation to Exclusive Events

Four Guy Bavli Tickets per Year | Annual Christmas Gift | Annual Birthday Bonus

Upon reaching SELECT, members also receive a choice of two Bonus Benefits:
Award ELITE Status to a CLUB member | 50,000 Points Added to Their Account
Party for four at Windows - up to $500 | $500 Divi Resort Voucher

For every additional 20,000 Tier Credits, they may select another Bonus Benefit.


SELECT Day falls on the second Sunday of each month. Click for details.